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12 Successful Study Habits For Students

Do you wish to ace your grades this semester? If yes, you don’t have to study harder but study smarter. Making use of your time efficiently is what matters the most. Practicing good study habits is necessary if you are studying at the end moment or have plenty of time in your hands to create written notes. If you want to get through this term with flying colors and have all A’s on your report card, this article is just for you.


We have developed the top 12 study habits that will quickly make you go from average to a topper.

Don’t waste your energy. 

If you are drowsy, do not force your brain to study. Whenever you feel like it is getting hard to keep your eyelids open, close your books and get some rest. In such situations, you are not resting, and you are not studying as well, which is simply a waste of your time.

Students need to take regular breaks in between their studying sessions. Study for forty minutes and take a twenty-minute break to keep everything balanced.


Plan accordingly 

Spread out the syllabus you have to cover in front of you. Start by dividing them into sections and assign a time to each subject. Decide which topics require more attention and give them more time. For instance, you can pick up two subjects to study each day and keep learning them in rotations.

Every topic will get sufficient time, and you can revise them on weekends. Ensure that you study from written notes or keep making notes as you learn a subject. Creating a weekly routine is significant as you can review the courses satisfactorily.


Create a routine 

Apart from creating a plan, it is also vital that you study at the same time daily. You know when it’s time to brush your teeth, take a bath, or eat a meal as soon as you wake up. Similarly, there should be time dedicated to studying during the day.

This way, you will get in the habit of studying at that time, and you will know mentally that this is the time to be productive. Open the notes app during your study time, give yourself a few minutes to settle in, and bring this into your habit.


Have a direction

If you keep changing directions now and then, you will never reach your destination. Studying without a plan is never effective. Before you sit down to study, know the purpose behind it. For instance, take a few topics you want to cover in a study session and divide your time accordingly.

Defining your academic goals is one of the first steps of becoming a successful student. Try to finish the pre-set syllabus but do not force yourself. Once you complete your goal for the day, it will motivate you to do even better the next day.


Commitment is the key. 

The worst thing you can do is procrastinate and avoid your study session. Do not give up because a question is too hard or you cannot understand the topic. When you are daydreaming, the study time does not remain effective anymore. You will not remember what you studied at this time.

Remember that study wholeheartedly and get yourself to concentrate more to retain things for a longer time. Sometimes procrastination may lead to rushing and panic, which worsens the matter. Looking at your revision notes and simply staring at them won’t do any good.


Difficult subjects first 

Start with the topics that you find difficult to understand. It will require a lot of time and effort, and it is better to start with complicated things first. At the time of exams, you will have to revise them and not spend all your time on them.

Do go through the teacher notes to students entirely.


Review the notes 

Writing and then learning can make studying more efficient. Before you start studying, ensure that you have all the study materials. Gather notes from different sources, and then create your notes.


Stay away from distractions.

When you are studying, turn the Tv off and sit in a quiet environment where no one disturbs you. If you have to use your laptop for studying, turn the notifications off and restrict all other apps that may distract you.

You can also download videos and watch them offline so you do not receive messages.


Indulge in study groups

No, we are not talking about gathering with your friends in the name of studying and then having fun. Connect with students who are serious about their studies.

This way, you can understand new concepts and clear your doubts.



Revising is one of the most significant aspects of studying. Whatever you learn throughout the week, you need to revise it to retain it for a longer time.

Ensure that you revise the topics regularly and create a separate timetable. Build a strong foundation by understanding the concepts in-depth.


Stay healthy 

Keeping yourself healthy mentally as well as physically is vital. Exercising is crucial because sitting for prolonged periods is not suitable for your health.

It can even make you lousy. Keep your mind and body both active to achieve desired results.


Ask for help 

When you don’t understand anything, stop wasting your time and ask for help. Clear your doubts with teachers, seniors, fellow students, or online resources.

Do not keep skipping topics as you will leave a lot of syllabus this way. Ensure that you clear your doubts every week before revising the subject.


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Becoming a successful student requires constant effort and dedication. Making a habit takes time, so try to sit daily for a fixed time. Gradually, you will see how your studying hours increase automatically. Practice previous year’s questions and refer to detailed notes offered by LectureNotes to understand the topics thoroughly.

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