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Tips to Take Handwritten Notes for Mechanical Engineering Students

Mechanical engineering is more than learning about maths and the mechanisms of engines. You learn a lot from design, testing, and manufacturing to improving existing systems throughout mechanical engineering. There are numerous subjects that a student covers throughout the four years of engineering.

To ace your exams, you need machine vibration notes and machine design notes as they play a significant role. With so many career options in this field, the scope of mechanical engineering is excellent. So if you are looking for mechanical notes, LectureNotes is the best platform.

The Structured Method

This is probably the most simple and basic way of taking gate mechanical notes. It consists of the main topic and four to five key points each. Moreover, this acts like an outline and gives the students a rough idea about the issue. You can also think of it as an overview in which there are no details. When taking lecture notes in mechanical engineering classes, you can jot down what you hear to remember the key points. If you want a primary method of taking notes, you should try this out.

Mind Map

The mind map way of making notes is one of the best ways of studying complex topics. Here, there are in-depth points for each case. Furthermore, connectivity between all the points allows you to memorize the facts quickly. This follows a hierarchical structure where you keep adding sub-points beneath each point. Consider the points as nodes where each node points to another one and so on. Making lecture notes in mechanical engineering becomes more accessible with this approach. Get ready to ace your exams with these tips that can change how you study.

Flow Charts

For all the restless students, we understand it can be difficult for you to concentrate and make motes patiently. Flow charts enhance your productivity as you don’t make points or subpoints. Such notes are quite random where you write notes, create small diagrams, point them using arrows, and make a flow among the notes. You will not get a feeling like you are transcribing notes, but you will enjoy this process. For instance, if you have to write mechanical properties of solid notes, write actively and be fast with the process.

Creating slides

Making slides is yet another method of taking notes quickly and effectively. Sometimes, professors provide you with slides that you can edit accordingly. Slides are systematic and easy to read, and it helps in retaining the information for a more extended period. You can try this method on LectureNotes and see how it works. Moreover, it is not time-consuming at all. Whenever you read a new topic, quickly divide it into smaller sub-topics and start creating slides of it. If you like well-structured notes that you can review at any time quickly, you should opt for this.

Bullet Journal

You should try bullet journaling if you like to read from organized notes. Use different colored pens for writing headings, points, and sub-points. This method is particularly excellent for people who are visual learners. A bullet journal is a combination of all styles mentioned above. There are no rules, and you can follow whatever you want. However, ensure that the notes are in sequence so you can review them during your exams. If your goal is to take notes quickly, you can surely opt for this method and see if it works out for you or not.

Common Tips

Learn how to simplify things because that is the primary motive for creating notes. It takes practice to know what to write and what to leave. First, decide what parts are the most important, so you do not miss them. Underline or highlight the important points. This way, you will know which part contains more weightage during exams. Never write your notes in complete sentences and use short forms that you can understand easily.

Students often make their abbreviations for better comprehension and customization of notes. Try to make the notes colorful, and you will feel good while reading them. Also, if possible, try to maintain nice handwriting overall. Otherwise, you won’t understand what you wrote while making notes. Being consistent is another key to success. Keep reviewing your notes to memorize them better, and never give up. It takes effort to make notes, but it is all worth it in the end.

Final Words

If you want to become a top student in mechanical engineering and get excellent grades, you must get into the habit of creating notes. Lecture Notes is a great platform that helps you access notes and study notes from the top scholars worldwide. So get in touch with the best teachers and clear your doubts hassle-free.

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